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Leaving Paradise

When the season draws to a close it is time to think about closing up your units and getting ready for the summer hurricane season.


Please put away grills, patio furniture, potted plants, lawn ornaments, bikes, and anything else that the wind could blow off your lot.


Please pick up fallen fruit from the ground and old fruit from your trees.  The fallen fruit attracts small vermin especially mice.


If you leave your golf cart make sure it is secured down and the cover is secured.

For the Vehicle or Motorhome left covered on your lot for the summer make sure the cover is secure.  Certain Vehicle and Motorhome covers tear due to the intense heat and constant sun exposer. Those will be removed and thrown away if they become loose or blowing. 


 When you close your home for the summer:

  • Be sure the water is off at the post and the hose is put away.
  • Turn the electric off and put the electric cord away.
  • Turn propane off.
  • Disconnect and put your sewer hose away.
  • Put the cap on the outside sewer line.
  • Close all windows, doors and vent. Make sure they are latched: a storm can suck windows open.
  • Clean out refrigerators and freezers. During the summer there is a possibility of power outages for great lengths of time. Spoiled food brings flies into the area of the rotten food.

Make sure the office has a contact number in case of any emergency.  It is a good idea to leave a key with the office for use in an emergency.

If items are not put away and high winds blow items off owners lots the items will be put in the trash dumpster. Items can not be stored for owners to claim.

If items are left in the storage area during the summer make sure they are securely tied down.

Do not store any items under Airstream, Motorhome, storage trailer, Boats, etc. 

The summer weather at Paradise Park is very unpredictable.  High winds can come at any time and with no warning.



News of the Day

May 4, 2021
New Office hours.  
The office will be opened fewer hours starting May 17, 2021. The hours will be Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 am 1:00 pm. These days are subject to change with notice.
May 3, 2021 to May 15, 2021 the office will be open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday the office will be closed.
After hours call 941-639-2680
Thanks, Cheryl
May 1st the Rec Hall, MPR and library will be opened. There will be 2 doors to enter and exit. The laundry room and also the back door by the pool. Please remember to turn off air conditioner, fans and lights.
May 1, 2021

Update on Texting

Owners and Renters:

After much research it has been discovered that texting has become costly with the average of 450 people that Paradise has signed up.   Also, with so many phone carriers available today there is a cost to us for texting to some of the smaller carriers and to Canadian carriers. Some of the carriers do not contract with texting services so there is an additional charge for texting. This would cause Paradise Park to have extra costs each month along with the yearly charge.

Paradise Park wants to keep costs down and the cost of doing texting as we were before is not an option.

There will be texting, but it will have a different format. It will be for emergencies or announcements such as “propane truck is in the park”, “road is closed”.

It will no longer be used for long announcements such as dinners, golf tournament times and dates, street meetings, etc. For these activities there will be a board in the Post Office to have these activities posted.  Those people handling those activities will be responsible to post and make sure that those activities are included in the monthly calendar.

Paradise Park main source of information on all subjects will be posted  on the Board in the Post office, Facebook page “Paradise Park Post” and on our Web site.

If you are still interested in signing up for the Text messages, please email the office at with your name, phone number and phone carrier. Verizon, AT&T, etc.  If your phone carrier does not participate in the texting program you will be notified.

Owners, if you have not signed up for “Paradise Park Post” please do so by going to Paradise Park Post on Facebook and ask to join. Renters will not be able to join this group.  Just a reminder, this is an information site and one for owners to post  information and or pictures not one for complaints about the Park, Board Members or owners.  Those posts will be deleted.

Further information will be posted when it comes available.

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